With a size of 40 mm, it seems that the disk is not so large. The main reason is the rim. The rim of this Fake Rolex GMT Master 116710 Ceramics Watch is relatively large, so the disk is slightly smaller. Many replica watch lovers also like to compare this with the black fake submariner watch. After all, apart from the green gmt and the six-point position letters, it is not much different from the black fake submariner.
The glass of the Rolex gmt master 116710 replica watch is almost close to the ceramic ring, and the height is consistent with the original. In this way, the gap between the glass and the ceramic ring will be larger. This is done well, and the outer ring numbers are also correct. It is more accurate. The integrally formed ceramic ring mouth is the same as the original. There is no need to worry about the ring mouth falling off, and the font is not easy to fade.
It is correct that the calendar window has a blue coating. The order of the GMT hands and the order of the three hands are the same as the original get more of the best. The way of adjusting the calendar is also the same. The shortcoming is that the corners of 6 and 9 are not rounded, Still straight.
Fake Rolex GMT Master 116710 Ceramics Watch

Its case and strap material are imported 904L stainless steel. Friends all know that the Rolex steel of AR factory is currently the first in the quality of the replica watch, and the AR factory is a real authorized agent.
The Rolex gmt master 116710 replica watch is equipped with an AR-made Cal-3186 integrated automatic movement. Many people feel that the performance of this independently developed movement is unstable. This is because the previous N factory's 3135 rework rate is too high and cannot be Adverse effects from repairs. The performance of the AR factory's 3135 and 3186 movements is relatively similar to that of the Seagull movement, and it has been tested by the market for two years.
Fake Rolex GMT Master 116710 Ceramics Watch
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The bottom cover process remains the same as the original, the bottom cover edge is polished, the front is brushed, and the pressure ring density is no problem. Used to buy Used rolex gmt master 116710 watch

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