Who makes the best replica watches, what characteristics do they have?

Replica watches have a very large market, and the annual production volume far exceeds that of real watches. So who made these highest quality replica watches? I know these. AR and N factories (located in China), RXW, (located in Japan), H-maker (located in Canada) ZF, JF, KW (these are also located in China), China has many manufacturers of replica watches.

After talking about replica watches manufacturers, let's discuss the characteristics of the best replica watches ?

1: Movement
Watches are divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches (the smart watches are not included here). Quartz watches are divided into traditional quartz watches, electronic watches and light-kinetic watches. Mechanical watches and quartz watches have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of quartz watches is that they have accurate travel time. They dont have to worry about them like mechanical watches. Is not as good as a mechanical watch. The advantages of mechanical watches are high compulsion and higher value. The disadvantages are also obvious, such as errors and higher maintenance costs than quartz watches. The best replica watches usually use Swiss-purchased movements, and most of them use mechanical movements, and quartz movements (usually lower prices).

2: COSC standard
Everyone knows that many real brand watches have passed COSC certification, so if you help a best replica watch with COSC certification, I believe that it can also pass COSC certification.

3: Waterproof function
In general, 30-50 meters is the daily waterproof of the watch, which can resist a small amount of hand-washing and face-splashing water and the raindrops that fall when there is light rain, but it can not be too long. Swimming grade waterproof should be 100 meters or more. High-level replica watches, waterproof function can basically reach 100 meters.

4: Sapphire crystal glass
Many people may often hear the "Sapphire Crystal" mirror. Many consumers have misunderstood it because of its tall name, thinking it is a real sapphire. In fact, the "sapphire" used in watch mirrors is authentic man-made sapphire. The ingredient is alumina. The price richard mille replica is much more expensive than ordinary glass. The reason is not the raw materials, but the manufacturing process. The cost of sapphire crystals in the past is very high, and they are generally only used on some high-priced watches. But with the development of the times, the cost of sapphire glass mirrors is getting lower and lower. Basic Swiss watch brands will use sapphire crystals. The biggest advantage of sapphire crystals is high hardness, second only to diamonds, and it is very wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The biggest disadvantage is its poor toughness and fear of falling. So there is no doubt that the best replica watches must also be installed with sapphire crystal glass mirror.

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